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Elite Visa

The sought-after Elite Visa is the world's first national membership program for Thailand. With the Elite Visa, you can finally experience the unprecedented and deluxe privileges and pleasures of luxurious spas, private golf courses, five-star hotels, brilliant health facilities, and even your own personal assistants and drivers. Not only do you get access to these extravagant and exclusive luxuries, you receive practical benefits for immigration, business and other leisure activities.

We will assist and facilitate ease and convenience for all Elite Visa Members. iBankDNA strives to provide you with anything you need during your stay, or travel, to Thailand. Whether it is assistance with a work permit or acting as a liaison between you and the Thailand Board of Investment or other governing bodies, iBankDNA is here to help you make it happen.

Elite Visa Members are recognized and treated as first-class individuals throughout the entirety of their stay. From the second you step foot off the plane until you are escorted by your personal assistant and transported to your destination by your driver, the experience will be that of incredible stature and superior privileges. Members of the Elite Visa should expect to be pampered in the finest resorts in some of the world’s most scenic travel destinations.

The Elite Visa program through iBankDNA is government-backed and therefore, you are recognized as a respected friend of Thailand. Because of this, you are treated in a special way - an elite way. iBankDNA looks forward to welcoming and honoring you with our Thai hospitality and generosity.

  • Overall Privileges

    • Airport Services
      • VIP Pick Up
        • Premium Lane
          • Lounge
            • Limousine
    • Assistance Always
      • 24/7 Member Contact Centre
        • Business Consultant
          • Legal Consultant
            • Hotlines
    • Government Concie and
      • Visa Privilege
        • Work permit
          • Driver License
            • Government Offices
    • Complimentary
      • Golf
        • Spa
          • Health Checkup
    • Special Price
      • Hotel
        • Resturant
          • Duty Free Shop
            • Shopping Mall

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