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Whether your business is thriving or striving, IBankDNA can help. Our bankers have decades of commercial experience and access to a wide range of services, including: IBankDNA account, Visa pre-paid card, Offshore account, Wealth planning, Elite visa

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At IBankDNA you'll find the professional expertise you and your business can depend on.


Our value proposition is to assist high network individuals to provide offshore private banking services. These services are provided through licensed wealth management, fund management and financial institutions in various parts of the world. iBankDNA is the one stop shop that gives you access to all your assets in a simple to use interface


Visa Prepaid card

  • Validity of 3 years.
  • Maximum load of $15,000.00 per month.
  • No credit checking, minimum KYC document, valid ID Passport and Utility Bill only.
  • $2,500.00 daily for ATM withdrawal, POS purchases and Internet online purchases.
  • Valid worldwide.

IBankDNA account

  • A bank / payment account (UK bank) that accepts deposits.
  • The account offers the convenience of Internet banking from balance inquiry, top up loading of the Visa prepaid card, bills payment, bank wire to other banks.
  • The account has no deposit limit.
  • The account is 100% guaranteed by the EU laws and regulations.

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